Christmas Comes! Happy holidays~

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The customs of Christmas

Do you know which three Christmas colors are?If you are curious, you must want to know. Ok, let me tell you that the Christmas color is red, green and white. In the west, every family will decorate the room with Christmas color.Red means candle, of course, but what does green mean?Very simple, green of course refers to the Christmas tree, white and red refers to what?Christmas tree, red candles and Santa Claus make up the three essential elements of Christmas.

Children often put a pair of socks beside the stove, expecting Santa Claus to give them the gifts they want. In the west, adults often play Santa Claus. When the children fall asleep, they secretly put the gifts into the socks.

There is the West's Christmas dinner, Westerners often around the Christmas tree, and family to enjoy the holiday meal, of course, turkey is essential, but also put a lot of wine, mom and dad grandparents will enjoy a feast with children, we will drink happy, happy.

At Christmas, we all sing Christmas songs, no matter the elderly and children, we all come together, happy, enjoy the joy of the festival brought them.

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