AB 2711P-B6C20D 2711P-RN10C

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AB 2711P-B6C20D 2711P-RN10C

1.FX Serial programmer

The programmer is an important peripheral device of PLC, with which the user program is written into the PLC user program memory.On the one hand, it can program the PLC, on the other hand, it can monitor the operation of the PLC.With the development of PLC skills, programming language diversification, programming function is also increasing.

(1) simple programming FX PLC simple programming is more, the most commonly used is fx-10p-e and fx-20p-e handheld simple programming.They are small, light, cheap and functional.There are two ways to program online and offline.Display selection of LCD display screen, apart from the display of 2 and 4 lines of characters, with ROM writer interface, memory card box interface.The programmer can read, write, insert and delete the instruction in the form of instruction sheet, and carry on the user program input and modification.Monitor ON/OFF status of bit programming elements and data in word programming elements.Such as counter, timer current value and set value, the value of internal data register and PLC internal other information.See chapter 8 for details on the use of the programmer.

(2) PC + programming and development software FX series has some programming and development software, such as GX developer.It can be used to generate including all mitsubishi PLC equipment software package, using the software can be used for FX, A series of PLC generation program.He runs on the Windows operating platform, easy to operate and protect, can use ladder diagram, sentence table and other programming, program compatibility.Fx-pcs/win-e-c programming package is also a package specially designed for the development of FX series PLC programs.Trapezoidal diagram, instruction table and sequence function diagram can be used to write and modify programs, and can carry out a variety of programming exchange.It is used in the Windows operating system, which can improve the efficiency of debugging and protection operations, and has a strong compatibility.

2.Other external equipment

In a PLC control system, man-machine interface is also very important.There are some auxiliary devices, such as: printer, EPROM writer external memory module.

FX series PLC has 20 or 27 basic logic instructions, 2 step instructions, more than 100 functional instructions (different series is different).This section takes FX2N as an example to introduce its basic logic instruction and step instruction and their use.

FX2N has a total of 27 basic logic instruction, which contains some sub-series of PLC 20 basic logic instruction.

Fetch instruction and output instruction(LD/LDI/LDP/LDF/OUT)

(1)LD, an instruction that connects a normally open contact to the left bus and is used in every logical line beginning with a normally open contact.

(2)LDI, a normally closed contact connects an instruction to the left bus and is used in every logical line starting with a normally closed contact.

(3)LDP (take the rising edge instruction) the rising edge detection instruction of the normally open contact connected with the left bus. Only when the rising edge of the specified bit element (from OFF to ON), a scanning cycle is switched ON.

(4)LDF (take the descending edge instruction) the descending edge detection instruction of the normally closed contact connected with the left bus.

(5)OUT (output instruction) an instruction that drives a coil, also called an output instruction.

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