About the Industrial Internet of Things and Intelligent Manufacturing

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About the Industrial Internet of Things and Intelligent Manufacturing

Global Internet of things (IoT) spending is expected to reach $745 billion by 2019, according to a report from IDC.Manufacturing is expected to lead investment in the Internet of things, and spending will reach $189 billion.This trend indicates the continuous growth of IIOT and intelligent manufacturing.

In this article, we'll detail these concepts, five ways manufacturing can benefit from them, and some guidelines to help you get started with internet-of-things smart manufacturing technologies.

What is the industrial Internet of things and intelligent manufacturing?

The industrial Internet of things (iot) is the use of iot technology in industrial systems to enable machines to communicate with each other, their environment and other infrastructure, and to become self-regulating and more intelligent.

Intelligent manufacturing is a concept closely related to the industrial Internet of things, which refers to the use of internet-of-things machines to monitor (and ultimately improve) production processes.

Both smart manufacturing and the industrial Internet of things rely on data collected from embedded sensors in machines and devices.These sensors can measure variables such as temperature, pressure and humidity, which can be used to evaluate and improve production processes.When used properly and effectively, this data can provide multiple benefits.

5 ways the industrial Internet of things can help make manufacturing profitable:

1. Predictive maintenance

2. Save energy

3. Optimize supply chain and labor force

4. Cost saving

5. Improve product quality

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