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Ovation DCS is a large-scale automatic control system of Emerson company in the United States. Its communication rate is 100MB per second, the processing capacity is 200,000 points of real-time information per second, the network length is up to 200 km, and the number of nodes is up to 1,000.The operator station USES DELL business machines and the switch USES CISCO products.The DCS with its support live plug and pull, simple and easy to use, strong function, configuration convenience, easy wiring and many other characteristics by industrial control people love.CCPP adopts redundant Ovation DCS V3.3.1, C/S structure, registration code authorization, and Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocol.The server shall install the English version of Windows2003Server, and the client shall install the English version of WindowsXP.

The main hardware types are:Main and secondary controllers (including CPU card, power card, communication network card, interface card), DI card (switch input) 1C31234G01, SOE card (DI card) 1C31233G04, DO card (with relay switch output,250V AC) 5A26457G01, DO card (with relay switch output,150VDC) 5A26458G02, AI card (4-20ma Input) 1c31224g01/1c31227g01, AI card (0-10vdc Input) 5x00070g03/1c31227g02, AI card HART Analog Input Module 5X00058G01/5X00059G01, TC card (thermocouple) 5x00070g04/1c31116g04, RTD card (thermal resistance) 5x00119g01/5x00121g01, AO card (4-20ma output) 1c31129g03/1c31132g01, PI card (pulse input) 1c31147g01/1c31150g01, LC card (serial communication card) 1c31166g01/1c319g02, etc.

Process control key points include: waste heat boiler combustion control, the ring vacuum pump and vacuum breaker valve control type, tube from phase enclosed bus technology, fast switching technology, transformer fire oil discharge nitrogen injection process, closed cycle cooling water control, circulating cooling water pressure, water source heat pump, condenser bypass throttling decompression in control and so on.

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1B30035H01 3A99132G02 1C31227G01 5X00119G01 1C31179G02
1C31110G03 3A99132G02 1C31116G04 1C31233G045X00121G01 1C31181G02
1C31113G05 3A99158G01 1C31234G01 5X00167G01 1C31189G01
1C31116G01 3A99190G01 1C31238H01 5X00226G02 1C31192G01
1C31116G02 3A99220G01 1P00028G01 5X00241G021C31194G01
1C31116G04 3A99266G01 1X00024H01 WH1-2FF5X00270G01 1C31194G03
1C31122G01 5X00058G01 1X00102H01 5X00273G01 1C31197G01
1C31125G01 5X00059G01 1X00188H01 5X00300G01 1C31197G05
1C31125G02 5X00070G04 1X00416H01 WH5-2FF5X00419G01 1C31219G01
1C31129G03 5X00105G14 1C31150G01 5X00419G02 1C31222G01
1C31132G01 5X00106G01 1C31166G01 5X00489G01 1C31223G01
1C31142G01 5X00109G011C31166G02 7379A21G01 1C31224G01
1C31147G01 5X00109G02 1C31169G02 7379A21G02 IC31224G01