Basic Components of PLC

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Basic Components of PLC

Programmable Controller (Programmable Controller) should originally be referred to as PC, in order to distinguish from the PC PC, so the Programmable Controller referred to as PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), but does not say that PLC can only control the Logic signal.PLC is specially designed for industrial environment application planning, with intuitive, simple and easy to grasp the programming language environment of industrial field control equipment.

The basic composition of PLC includes central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output interface (abbreviated I/O, including input interface, output interface, external device interface, expansion interface, etc.), external device programmer and power module, as shown in figure 1.PLC internal components between the power bus, control bus, address bus and data bus connection, external according to the actual control target equipment corresponding equipment and control equipment constitute PLC control system.

1. Central Processing Unit

2. Memorizer

The storage in PLC is mainly used to store system program, user program and data.

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