PEPPERL+FUCHS-- A Driver and Innovator of Industry 4.0

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PEPPERL+FUCHS-- A Driver and Innovator of Industry 4.0

For more than 70 years, we have been a pioneer in the field of industrial sensor technology and process control explosion protection.As a technology leader, P+F has always been adhering to the company's tradition of developing a unique and comprehensive product series to assist various applications of traditional factory automation industry and promote the exploration of new application scenarios and solutions in the era of industry 4.0.Industrial communication is one of the focuses of the company.With its full range of products that support the io-link interface and sensorik4.0 ® technology with communications capabilities, the sensorik4.0 ® seamlessly connects data from the field device to the control system and the cloud.

The industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is also expanding into the process industry, and as a member of the Ethernet alliance, P+F is pushing hard for Ethernet adoption in the industry.The mobile computing and communication solutions of the brand ecom further simplify the digital transformation in applications, and the full networked production system is gradually becoming a reality.

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IC693CBL305IS200SRLYH2A IS200SRLYH2AAANC1AX02-PT1756-IV32330930-065-02-00T8151B Communication Interface
IC693CHS392IS210AEBIH1B IS210AEBIH1BEDFNC360A-C201756-L1330930-060-00-00T8151C Communication Interface
IC693CHS397CDS200FSAAG2ABA DS2020FECNRX010ANP1L-PD11756-L1M2330930-040-01-00T8153 Communication Interface Adaptor
IC693CMM321DS200LDCCH1ALA DS200LDCCH1FTK374D-C101756-L1M3330910-05-10-02-00T8160 Interface Modules
IC693CPU311DS200TCQAG1B DS200TCQAG1BGENR1JX-1606DT1756-L55330905-06-14-10-02-00T8161 SC300E Bridge Module
IC693CPU313DS215SLCCG1AZZ01B DS200SLCCG1AEGFTU211B1756-L55M12330878-90-00T8162 CS300 Bridge Module
IC693CPU350DS200SVAAG1A DS200SVAAG1ACBNP4N-IPAC1756-L55M13330878-50-00T8191 Shield
IC693CPU363DS200SLCCG1AEG DS215SLCCG1AZZ01BNJ-JM1756-L55M14330851-04-000-023-10-01-05T8192 Shield
IC693CPU364DS200CDBAG1ACA DS200CDBAG1ANC1F-VP11756-L55M16330850-51-05T8193 Shield
IC693CPU372IS415UCVHH1AB IS415UCVHH1AX16-11756-L55M22330850-50-05T8194 Shroud Kit
IC693CPU374IS215VAMBH1A IS200VSPAH1ACCFPU120S1756-L55M23330780-91-05T8200 I/O Power Supply Chassis