Rockwell Automation: Leading the Way to Limitless Possibilities.

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Rockwell Automation: Leading the Way to Limitless Possibilities.

As one of the world's largest companies dedicated to industrial automation and information technology, rockwell automation has provided advanced industrial power, control and information solutions to more than 500, 000 products in more than 80 countries since 1903.

New brand new mission: uphold the tradition and embrace the future

Today, with the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, virtual/ar and innovative technology, artificial intelligence to represent some of the force is the main core business platform with rockwell automation depth fusion, which made "Internet enterprise" to the production flexibility, reliability and life cycle of asset productivity to an unprecedented new level, and effectively reduce the cost and risk, let the customer with the easy to deploy intelligent manufacturing capacity decision market.

The new brand commitment will inevitably bring new brand strategy service market.

The implementation of digitization: tailoring · step by step

As a route to the path of intelligent manufacturing, the core concept of "Internet enterprise" by information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT), production process and operating personnel, management technology of connectivity, help enterprises to build a smarter, more efficient and more secure environment, improved manufacturing enterprise's production efficiency, sustainability and global competitiveness.

This is the core advantage of Rockwell automation.

Laying the road to success: technology enables both hard and soft repair

It's worth noting that rockwell automation was one of the first automation vendors to use Ethernet to connect to field equipment.Rockwell automation industrial Ethernet/IP technology has become increasingly capable of industrial applications with the development and progress of standard Ethernet technology.

The standard industrial Ethernet provides the industry field with both the versatility of vertical connections and the connectivity of horizontal collaboration.

Based on the interconnected enterprise concept of the industrial Internet of things, rockwell automation truly implements an open and transparent, net-to-the-end industrial Ethernet solution, which is used to open the key to interconnection -- network protocol transformation.

Meanwhile, rockwell automation's network security solution.Industrial enterprises can provide very perfect network security management mechanism, combined with hardware and software, as well as the formulation of institutional rules, to minimize the network security threats that enterprises may face after realizing the interconnection.

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