ProSoft Technology 3250-L532M

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ProSoft Technology 3250-L532M


RTU 5/03


ProSoft Technology 3250-L532M

Remote Terminal Unit-5/03 Processor with

Modbus Slave on Ch. 0


• Oil & gas

• Pipeline

• Off-shore platforms

• Water/ waste water

• Power utility and minin

Remote Terminal Unit-5/03

Processor with Modbus Slave on

Ch. 0


The ProSoft RTU-5/03 processor, aimed strategically at the SCADA

marketplace, is an Rockwell Automation SLC 5/03 processor that has

been modified to include the Modbus Slave protocol developed in

channel 0.

Features and Benefits

The full SLC command set functionality is available, and the unit is programmed with standard ladder programming tools (RS Logix and APS). The Modbus Slave protocol is enabled with the simple addition and setup of an Integer file at N100. This file configures the channel 0 Modbus driver and allows user control over the operation of the port. In addition, extensive diagnostic data is returned from the driver to the integer file allowing access to troubleshooting data. After the Modbus protocol is activated, a Modbus host can read and write data from all the common Modbus data types (binary in & out, analog in and holding registers). In addition, support has been provided for the transfer of floating point data, which optionally uses the 'Enron' addressing range. A host can also access the processor status file S2 to remotely monitor the health of the unit or to do such things as setting the real time clock.