AI of Waste Sorting

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"Waste sorting" can also become web celebrity?Since the first implementation of garbage classification in Shanghai, the related topic has caused a lot of heat.There are more and more jokes about garbage classification on the Internet, and most people are still in the state of wet and dry garbage.

In the age of AI, can AI or any other technology be used to help sort garbage?In fact, in the foreign garbage classification market, there have been many garbage classification solutions with the help of Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies

Intuitive AI, Canada

OSCAR, an Intuitive smart system for sorting trash, has a 32-inch display and smart camera.OSCAR USES machine learning algorithms to identify items in the user's hand and tell the user what to do next (and which parts to throw in which trash).

The system USES machine vision to classify garbage.In addition, it can analyze the junk data collected by OSCAR and sell companies data about consumers' consumption habits in specific places.The solution is mainly oriented to application scenarios such as residential areas, airports, schools and enterprise parks.


FANUC has designed a set of automatic recycling technology for the sorting robot, which consists of artificial intelligence (multi-layer neural network) and sorting system.The next step is to use artificial intelligence to identify objects.

According to the chemical composition, size, value and location of the articles to determine the sorting priority, to ensure the best results;After judging, the robot can conduct sorting.

Finland ZenRobotics

Finland ZenRobotics has developed an intelligent waste sorting system that USES visual sensors to identify the surface structure, shape and composition of objects, determine the type of objects, and then automatically sort them by clever robotic arms.

The system, based on visual recognition technology, can also be "trained" to adapt to more applications.Currently, ZenRobotics waste classification system is mainly used for the classification and processing of construction and decoration waste. Through image recognition and deep learning technology, the system can identify a variety of waste samples or other material samples, and thus flexibly undertake a variety of material selection tasks, saving expensive sorting equipment costs.

USAMax-AI Robot

Max-AI robot consists of vision system, artificial intelligence and sorting system.The max-ai vision system USES multiple layers of neural networks to accurately capture visual information even when garbage is passing by.The robot then USES an artificial intelligence algorithm to identify the materials and types of items and prioritize sorting based on their size, value and location.

After judging, the robot will send commands to the robot arm to perform sorting.The max-ai arm USES a softer and more flexible inflator.By continuously pumping the gas, the robotic arm will pick and place different kinds of discarded objects in different locations in a slightly comical manner.

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