Invensys,Foxboro,I/A Series,Triconex,Trident

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Invensys,Foxboro,I/A Series,Triconex,Trident

3101S2 | Triconex Tri GP Module Main Processor

Invensys,Foxboro,I/A Series,Triconex,Trident

Triconex, Tricon, Trident

Library: TRDLIB

Description: Trident/Tri-GP Interface Library (MP Model 3101/3101S2)

The model number of the Main Processor modules installed in the Trident or Tri-GP

(3101 or 3101S2)


The Model property specifies the model of Main Processor installed in the Tricon, Trident, or

Tri-GP controller that the project will be downloaded to.

• For Tricon system versions 9.5.x, 9.51.x, or 9.52.x, select 3006/N, 3007.

• For Tricon system versions 9.6 and later, select 3008.

• For Trident system versions 1.2 and later, select 3101.

• For Tri-GP system versions 2.x and later, select 3101S2.

Note TriStation 1131 4.10.1 does not support Tricon system versions 9.4.x and earlier, or

Trident system versions 1.1 and earlier. For a list of TriStation 1131 versions compatible

with your controller, see the applicable Tricon, Trident, or Tri-GP Product Release Notice.

4351A, 4352A, 4351B, 4352B, 4353, or 4354 TCM

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