Yaskawa GP Series Robots

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Yaskawa GP Series Robots

GP series robots achieve the world's highest motion speed, trajectory accuracy, environmental resistance and other characteristics. The new generation of GP series robots are suitable for the handling, assembly, dispensing, loading and unloading, polishing and other fields of small parts.

They are perfect for the rapidly developing electronic industry, which requires high space and precision.The maximum load of GP7 is 7KG and the maximum horizontal extension length is 927mm.The maximum load of GP8 is 8KG and the maximum horizontal extension length is 727mm.The maximum load of GP12 is 12KG and the maximum horizontal extension length is 1440mm.

GP series is a new generation robot with the fastest speed and the highest accuracy among the existing robots.New generation robot control cabinet YRC1000 and YRC1000micro.These two control cabinets adopt new control methods, which can meet the diversified demands of various voltages and safety specifications around the world, enabling GP robot to achieve the optimal functions.


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1745-LP1511900/65A-01-15-02-02-01HIEE200072R2 USB030AE02 FBM237 P0914XS269PLUS-100P-120
1745-LP153330930-040-01-00DSQC346G 3HAB8101-8/08FFBM218369-HI-R-0-0-0
1745-LP1563500/42-05-00IMDSM04FBM233 P0926GX369-HI-R-0-0-0-E
1745-LP1573500/60 133835-01RF616 3BSE010997R1P0916CC369-HI-R-M-0-0-0
1745-M13500/70-03-013AUA489002B4562FBM241c P0914WM369-HI-R-M-0-0-E
1745-PT11900/65A-00-08-01-02-00DSQC346GFBM202 P0914ST369-HI-R-M-0-2-0-0
1745-TCAT125800-0207KT98 GJR5253100R0278FBM214b P0927AH3720 ACM
1746-A41900/65A-00-08-01-02-01SC610FBM215 P0922VU531X111PSHAPG3
1746-BAS3500/15-04-05-01YPK113ANCNI P0972PP531X111PSHARG1
1746-BAS-T1900/65A-00-14-00-00-01DS173 57310001-MTP0903CV531X113PSFARG1
1746-BLM3500/42-06-0107KT98 WT98 GJR5253100R0120CP60 P0961FR531X123HACG1