2020, Best wishes to You

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2020, Best wishes to You

At the end of the year,

The more time seemed to have wings,

Flying by,

No matter how hard you try,

Only count the minutes carefully,

Live each day to the fullest,

No matter how it goes,

2020, No longer to tangle, no longer to complain.

2020,I wish

Both parents are safe and healthy

No more toil for us

A lifetime of hard work

Been busy all my life

Not willing to eat, not willing to wear,

Now the children are grown,

It's time for you to enjoy yourselves for a few days.

2020, I hope,

Children are healthy, the attitude is toward the sun,

No matter what the setback,

You have to deal with it,

No matter what the problem,

You have to work on it,

The finest diamond must be cut,

Hone is your growth path.

2020, I hope,

Friends are happy, business is successful,

It's not easy to fight for life,

Remember to take care of yourself,

It's hard to work for your family,

Remember to love yourself,

You are blessed with good health,

Don't rush to give.

2020, I hope,

Loved ones are happy, dreams come true,

Gather around every year and festival,

Is the greatest happiness,

Usually free to talk on the phone,

Is a great comfort,

Don't let busyness sever the bonds of affection,

Strange each other, estranged from the relationship.

2020, I hope,

The lover has a good body, can speak clearly,

After decades of ups and downs,

No credit, no toil,

A lifetime of strife,

No love, no family,

The bitterness of life is not terrible,

The scary part is that it takes too much to communicate.

2020, I hope,

Bosom friends forever, linked to each other,

Since fate brought us together,

Then cherish each other,

Since reality allows us not to give up,

Then guard each other,

Vast sea of people, this is what kind of luck,

To make a couple.

2020, I hope,

My body and mind are aching,

Believe that you will get what you pay for,

I'll try,

Expect the truth to be answered,

I will cherish,

The rest of life is not long, treat all the encounter,

The next life can not meet.

2020, I hope,

Day, every day is full of sunshine,

Life, every day is happy and auspicious,

Family, every day in good health,

My friend, smiling every day,

Bosom friend, happy every day,

Oneself, everyday come in and go out safe!

A New Year 2020, keep going. (Unik You always here, sales5@cambia.cn, +86 18030205725)

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